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We are Sam and Alex, 2 students in our final year of studying Industrial Design at Bournemouth University (in the U.K. for any international visitors). We both love to play video games and had toyed with the idea of putting our thoughts out there on a podcast for a long time and so we decided to finally do it (though looking back, we probably shouldn’t have waited til our final, and most important year of uni to do this…nevermind)

We aim to get our podcasts out at least bi-weekly, if time permits we’ll try to get them out weekly. Each time we will be bringing you news on the latest games, gadgets and other things, reviewing titles, and talking about the issues that affect gamers on the ground.

If you like what you see/hear feel free to let us know by leaving a comment. You can also follow us on twitter – @meatgrinderuk or

We also have a Facebook page:

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