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An update from The Meat Grinder Team:


It’s been tricky trying to run a kick-ass gaming website and podcast in conjunction with finishing a four year university degree, but we’ve just about managed it. That being said The Meat Grinder, has come under a little neglect especially in the last few months and so we’d just like to assure the fans and followers, it’s not over yet.

Podcasts will happen as and when. We’ve moved back to opposite sides of the country but that doesn’t mean no more podcasts ever, just keep your eyes pealed on iTunes or the feed.

The website will now be where we focus our attentions, bringing news and reviews via the written, rather than the spoken word.

Finally the existing podcasts are still on the production line to be YouTubified, subscribe to our channel and you’ll know as soon as they’ve made the leap from audio to video!

That’s all for now but keep an eye on the site, we’ll be posting pretty much anything we damn well choose soon enough and you know what, you’re gonna like it!

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  1. 26/07/2011 17:22

    Glad to see your back!

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