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We are literally minutes from having watched Nintendo’s streamed press conference at E3 2011, live from the Nokia Theater and their announcements alone have given us plenty to talk about. We also want to take you through the big news from Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft along with any other little tid bits worth noting but for the meantime we’re going to make you wait just that little bit longer.

Wii U controller on The Meat Grinder UK
For our full coverage on all things E3 keep your feeds up to date as Episode 17 of the Meat Grinder Podcast is just around the corner and should be hitting the shelves (kind of) in the coming days. In the meantime cast your eyes over the new Wii U controller and let us know what you think.

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  1. Emma Hall permalink
    07/06/2011 22:21

    Visually, it’s Nintendo all over. I quite like it, it’s a clean design but it’s a wee bit bland…they should stick some go-faster stripes on it for sure. Actually, scratch that, it goes with the whole aesthetic of the wii family. But, I would probably attack it with a felt-tip to jazz it up a bit. I lie.

    And the screen is surprisingly big, it really does look like a hand-held rather than a remote…let’s hope they’ve got plenty of things planned that will get good use out of it. It’d be a shame to have loads come out on release and then fall back on it. But hey, I didn’t watch E3…hurry up and review it so I can be up to date please!

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