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Yes I am dead serious, but before you either start salivating from the mouth or start flaming this article, hear me out… These are nothing more than rumours but they are based on some kind of evidence at the very least. At any rate it’s an article from gamesradar so flame them if you have to flame someone!

Original Article

Yup it seems that the Potato sack ARG (alternate reality game) hidden content which has been causing quite a stir in the gaming community may be hinting that Valve will reveal Half Life 2: Episode 3 after all. A series of hidden references in the indie games that come in the bundle have been decyphered by gamers everywhere. Until recently, the current thinking was that if enough people bought it and figured it out it would reveal that the company would release the upcoming Portal 2 early. However, the latest reveal on the Portal 2 ARG website was a message from Valve (or rather Aperture Science) that reads as follows:


1. We designed the entire thing to be very, very durable. It was easy to get the materials since everyone’s been thinking

it’s a simple icebreaker ship. Ha.

2. We have made sure to strip it of anything not necessary, so that we have plenty of space for it. It doesn’t have any

backup supplies in the event the crew runs out of food, though. And there isn’t much food onboard in the first place.

3. In the event you need to send it off all of a sudden, use the OR box with code ‘hb1′.

That’s all, C.J. Not much else I can tell you other than this won’t leave a blight on our record. Mesa is going to be sore when they see what we’ve done.

Now don’t read into it too much if you don’t want to get your hopes up and you’d be well within your rights not to, I’m pretty hesitant after the last 4 years myself but the little stupid optimist inside me wants to believe!

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