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You read correctly, of sorts. It seems that Symbian is looking to no longer be Nokia’s baby. With rumours of goings on between Nokia and Microsoft over the past week, it appears that todays announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona has solidified speculation. Not but an hour before this post, Nokia’s head honcho, C.E.O. and Director Stephen Elop came onto the stage to officially proclaim the coming togther of these two big names. Nokia have said that they want to make it a “three-horse race” with respect to the leading mobile operating systems in the market and they feel releasing devices running WP7 under the Nokia brand is the way to go. This of course means that Nokia’s long history with Symbian as their chief OS will cease. They have however said that this is not an immediate gear change. Nokia still plan to release premium handsets across the next year running both Symbian and MeeGo OS’s and plan to slowly transition their infrastructure to WP7 over time. Whether this means they plan to reserve Symbian for their non-feature, non-smart phones or whether they plan to entirely move to WP7 in the long run is unclear, but the possibilites that may come from this could very well shake up the mobile world as a whole, only time will tell….

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