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Yes its that time of year again; another excellent demonstration of just how well Sony know how to please their loyal fans and not in any way alienate them or drive them all into bankruptcy. A little while ago Kevin Butler, a spokesperson for Sony was tweeted a message on his twitter feed with a certain code (which we will not print here or else we’ll end up getting sued too!) which he mistook for a battleship reference of all things. He then re-tweeted it, thing is it turned out to be the jail break code for the PS3, and coming from a spokesperson for Sony, you can see how that wouldn’t look too good. What are Sony going to do about it? They’re going to sue everyone…Not joking. Yes their response is to sue Twitter, Youtube, possibly Facebook, and any other social networking site where the code may have been posted. They have also been said to be taking action against the individuals responsible for the posts, demanding that the websites themselves hand over the personal details of the users in question, and also the DETAILS OF ANYONE WHO EVEN COMMENTED on the posts/videos in case they want to take action again them too.  So it seems that if you want to bring down a pirate, the best way is to sue a bystander who happened to say ‘Hey look at that boat!’

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