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Well today is a day filled with mixed emotions here at Meat Grinder HQ. The good news first, we now have a concrete European launch date and we are infact going to be getting our mitts on the 3DS two days earlier than the folks across the pond! Yes March 25th is the official release date nationwide in the U.K. The bad news however…You’re going to be shelling out about £225 for one of these things! I for one am mad as hell! The U.S. price will be $250, now at today’s exchange rate, that’s a hair over £150…thats an £85 increase!!! (on average anyway, they seem to range from between £219 to £230) Now I don’t really blame Nintendo for this as they said at the conference that retailers would set their own prices for the 3DS which for all I know, could have been something that the retailers demanded but still…£85!!? Give us your thoughts!

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