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Greetings gamers and welcome to the meat grinder! What is the grinder you ask? Well we are a group of students at Bournemouth University (In the U.K for any international visitors) who felt like making a gaming related podcast one afternoon, probably when we should have been doing work. So when we get all this stuff up and running we intend to post regular podcasts on all things gaming and technology.

Before we get any further let’s get one thing straight…we are a bunch of  students. We’re not industry insiders and we have no special gaming connections as such. We simply love to game (much like a lot of you we imagine) and these podcasts are intended to provide personal opinions on matters of interest to gamers and gadgeteers. So if you’re looking for up-to-the-minute, bleeding edge news on the latest gaming topics as and when the stories break..probably best to head over to  IGN. But if you want some honest opinions from gamers on the ground then this might just be the place for you.

So keep track of the site as we’ll be putting our first podcast up real soon, where we’ll be combing the deserts of the video game wasteland for news, reviews, and intersting extras to put through the grinder!

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